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TOUCHDOWN BILLYGOATS37-yd touchdown pass (extra point missed) – Warriors 10, billygoats 21 (QTR3, 9:48)

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Prussian Warriors

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Cup final: Reds force second final game (27 February 2013)

duffeldoffel's Reds forced a second Two-Minute Cup final game when they defeated cup holders Prussian Warriors on an awarded point. The Reds' defense did an outstanding job forcing a four-and-out and pushing the Warriors back 2 yds. A tackle for a 4-yd loss on second down was the key play during the Warriors' short possession. The Warriors' defense made a strong bid ... [Read]

Cup game: Warriors reach Two-Minute Cup final (10 February 2013)

QFL cup holders Prussian Warriors are the first team to reach the Two-Minute Cup final after beating the Dicey Beasts on an awarded point. Defenses dominated in this game in which the Warriors beat the opposition by 4 yds even though they never made it past their own 21-yd line. The Beasts started with an imcompletion and a 2-yd run but on their third play, their RB was stopped in the ... [Read]

Cup game: Warriors reach qualifying final (28 January 2013)

Thanks to a dominating defensive performance, the Prussian Warriors beat Niners Sparrows to reach the qualifying final of the Two-Minute Cup. The Warriors started with a nice 12-yd run but then had a run for a loss of 3 yds followed by two incompletions and a run for no gain to finish their possession at their own 29 giving their defense a mountain to climb. But their defense stood tall ... [Read]

Cup game: Warriors see off Malfs to reach qualifying semis (18 January 2013)

The Prussian Warriors are two wins away from clinching a spot in the Two-Minute Cup final after easily beating igorz malfunxionistz on an awarded point. The Malfs possession was cut very, very short after only two plays when a pass was picked off and returned 14 yds back to the Malfs' 9-yd line. Four short plays for a turnover on downs would have done the business for the Warriors. ... [Read]

QFL Two-Minute Cup is under way (14 January 2013)

The QFL has launched the Two-Minute Cup as the third competition of the QFL Cup Series. Basically, the team that gains more yards during a two-minute possession will win a game. Nine teams including current QFL Cup holders Prussian Warriors will compete for the trophy. Among the contenders are two independent teams (Buvag's Lawyers and Niners Sparrows). A draw was held to determine ... [Read]
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Team profile | news | schedule | seasonal stats | game stats | head-to-head | team records