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TOUCHDOWN BILLYGOATS37-yd touchdown pass (extra point missed) – Warriors 10, billygoats 21 (QTR3, 9:48)

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Prussian Warriors

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Prussian Warriors switch Battlefields (19 January 2014)

The Prussian Warriors are about to leave the Olympic Battlefield in Afghanistan and move into a new virtual facility in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The Warriors, led by owner/coach Niner, will play Season III at the Desert Battlefield and remain the only QFL franchise outside Europe. They will officially open their new virtual stadium with their home opener of Season III. Their opponent is yet to ... [Read]

Regular-season game: Expansion Drinkers expand their season (31 May 2013)

The Moderate Drinkers (4-2) clinched the Gothic Division title defeating last season's divisional champs Prussian Warriors (2-4) 41-31 at the Astra Dome. The Drinkers are going to the playoffs riding a four-game winning streak after starting the season with two losses. They defeated all of their four division rivals on their way to division glory. The Warriors, on the other hand, ... [Read]

Playoff scenarios: all four spots up for grabs (27 April 2013)

Unlike last season when the divisional titles were clinched one week early, all four playoff spots will be up for grabs going into the regular-season finales: Three teams from each division are mathematically in the hunt to see some postseason action, however, it is very likely that all three contenders from the Australian Division will go through collectively. Even though only in ... [Read]

Regular-season game: Moles bounce back to beat the Warriors (15 March 2013)

Their QB threw four TD passes as MoRe's Moles (3-2) beat the Prussian Warriors (2-3) 36-25 on the road to stay in the hunt for the playoff spots. Both clubs had lost two straight games after starting 2-0 and the Warriors outgained their opposition by 58 yds but the Moles snapped their losing streak scoring 15 points off of their four forced turnovers while the Warriors registered no ... [Read]

Cup final: Reds reclaim QFL Cup through the backdoor (2 March 2013)

QFL World Champion duffeldoffel's Reds are the winner of the first ever double-elimination QFL-Cup tournament beating previous cup holders Prussian Warriors on an awarded point in the second final game. Having lost their opening game, the Reds had to go all the way through the elimination stages and needed to win two final games against the Warriors who had qualified for the finals ... [Read]
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Team profile | news | schedule | seasonal stats | game stats | head-to-head | team records