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Jetto Basterds (inactive)

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Eight teams to go into Season VI (21 May 2024)

For the first time since Season III, the number of teams playing for Fever Bowl glory will increase when the QFL start their sixth season this summer. Even though Fever Bowl V winner Jetto Basterds have withdrawn, the QFL will send eight franchises into the new campaign as the returns of the Dicey Beasts and owl49er's billygoats along with the introduction of the Deichclimbers have been ... [Read]

QFL announces Bowl venues (1 November 2023)

The QFL have announced that the Snakepit Arena, home of frontmodes Kobras, will be hosting Fever Bowl V. Accordingly, refereeing duties have been awarded to frontmode. Even though the final game of the regular season is still under way, both Division champions have already been identified by the results of the other two regular-season finales. Northern champions silentsound's ... [Read]

Fever Bowl scenarios (22 September 2023)

Prior to the regular-season finales, five of six teams are still in the hunt for the two Fever Bowl berths. frontmodes Kobras in the Northern and the Eagle Eyes in the Southern Division control their own destiny while silentsound's Silentknights and the Prussian Warriors in the North as well as the Jetto Basters in the South will need help. Niners Sparrows from the Southern Division ... [Read]

Season recap: Basterds reach the top in a flash (29 June 2022)

QFL Season IV kicked off on 11 May 2018 and officially ended on 20 June 2022 with the Jetto Basterds ruining the Flash 80s bid to copy their predecessors perfect season in Fever Bowl IV. The Ice Bowl ended a week later so that Season IV, like the previous season, took over four years and a month to be concluded. As it had become kind of a tradition, the league again underwent considerable ... [Read]

Fever Bowl: Field goals galore - Basterds are QFL World Champions! (20 June 2022)

The Jetto Basterds upset the previously undefeated Flash 80s 25-17 at Fever Bowl IV and became the first QFL expansion franchise to win the Bill Walsh Trophy at the end of their first season of existence. "It's absolutely amazing. Can't describe my feelings right now even after some hours of heavy party," coach jetto said the morning after the game. The Flash 80s (7-1) ... [Read]
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Team profile | news | schedule | seasonal stats | game stats | head-to-head | team records