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Prussian Warriors switch Battlefields (19 January 2014)

The Prussian Warriors are about to leave the Olympic Battlefield in Afghanistan and move into a new virtual facility in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The Warriors, led by owner/coach Niner, will play Season III at the Desert Battlefield and remain the only QFL franchise outside Europe. They will officially open their new virtual stadium with their home opener of Season III. Their opponent is yet to ... [Read]

Postseason game: Reds return to the Fever Bowl (18 December 2013)

Last week, zugschefz dieselz had conquered Stanley Park to clinch the Australian Division title and take revenge for their Fever Bowl loss. This week, duffeldoffel's Reds struck back at The Station with another postseason win over their division rivals to book their tickets to the Fever Bowl. The Reds' QB completed 21-of-24 for a QFL-postseason record 286 yds and a TD and their ... [Read]

Postseason game: Cheers! Expansion Drinkers reach Fever Bowl! (5 November 2013)

The expansion Moderate Drinkers have reached the Fever Bowl beating the Dicey Beasts 36-31 at their own Astra Dome marking their fifth win in a row. In a divisional playoff game in which they scored a TD with the opening possession and never surrendered the lead, the Drinkers completed an amazing run to the championship game. They had started the first season of their existence with two losses ... [Read]

Regular-season game: Kobras win! Kobras win! Kobras win! (24 October 2013)

frontmodes Kobras (1-5) prevented an imperfect season with a 31-15 win over the Mighty Beagles of Angedair (2-4) at the Snakepit Arena. Still, the Kobras finished the regular season in last place earning the no. 1 pick barring an expansion. The Kobras had not won a QFL game since 8 October 2010 when they defeated igorz malfunxionistz. Their unprecedented losing streak began with a loss to ... [Read]

Regular-season game: Reds booed out of Stanley Park as dieselz win Australia (17 September 2013)

duffeldoffel's Reds (4-2) were booed out of Stanley Park by their former fans as they lost their final game at their old virtual facility to zugschefz dieselz (5-1) who claimed the Australian Division title with a 34-27 win over the reigning QFL World Champion. With this win, the dieselz also took revenge for two losses suffered during the last season including the Fever Bowl. Both clubs ... [Read]

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