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Fever Bowl: Three-peat: defense wins championship for the Reds (8 February 2018)

NFC champions duffeldoffel's Reds beat AFC champions Eagle Eyes 20-0 at Fever Bowl III to complete a perfect 8-0 season and clinch an unprecedented third straight QFL world championship. The Reds were carried by a stellar defensive performance as the league's no. 1 defensive unit not only registered the first shutout in QFL postseason history but also set Fever Bowl records ... [Read]

Screen Try-out: Kobras beat Basterds in Overtime (21 December 2017)

In an exhibition game designed as a try-out for a potential new play call, frontmodes Kobras beat independent Jetto Basterds 38-35 in overtime. The Kobras came back from a 14-point deficit in the fourth quarter and won the game on a 39-yd field goal with 12 seconds remaining in the overtime period. The introduction of a new play call, the "screen" pass, may be proposed at the next ... [Read]

Auf der Lüneburger Heide: Eagle Eyes to challenge duffeldoffel's Reds (15 December 2017)

Yet again, an expansion franchise will be challenging the defending QFL world champions at the world's biggest stage of Football Fever™ as the Eagle Eyes take on duffeldoffel's Reds. The there he gore's dome, virtual home of the Flash 80s in the heart of the Lüneburger Heide, will be hosting the third edition of the all-famous QFL Fever Bowl. The Eyes upset top-seed ... [Read]

QFL announce Fever Bowl and Ice Bowl venues (17 August 2017)

The QFL have announced that this season's QFL championship game, the third edition of the all famous Fever Bowl, will be held at the "there he gore's dome" while the league's all-star game will be played at the breakdown dome. Kai, owner of the expansion Flash 80s, will be hosting and refereeing the clash between the AFC and NFC conference champions. Kai reliably ... [Read]

Seagulls: owl49er appointed interim coach (30 January 2017)

Lübeck Bay Seagulls owner Real has announced the appointment of owl49er as interim coach for the remainder of this season. owl49er will be the play-caller for the remainder of the Seagulls' regular-season finale as well as for their postseason games provided they qualify by beating the Moderate Drinkers barring a tie between frontmodes Kobras and the Flash80s. owl49er, who is giving ... [Read]

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