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Regular-season game: dieselz start 2-0 (18 January 2010)

zugschefz dieselz are the only team from the Australian Division to start the season 2-0 after beating division rivals igorz malfunxionistz (1-1) 26-16 at The Station. The Malfs' QB was picked off three times on consecutive possessions in the first quarter setting up two TDs and a FG for the dieselz. The Malfs also had special-teams issues as they had to punts blocked. However, the first ... [Read]

Regular-season game: Silentknights escape huge comeback bid (16 January 2010)

silentsound's Silentknights (1-1) and the Dicey Beasts (1-1) scored a combined 95 points at the Silent Field Stadium. The 'Knights pulled a comfortable 58-37 win but pretty much had their nerves wrecked by their opponents during the game. The 'Knights recovered well from their season-opening loss in another very-high-scoring game. Again, all three units contributed to their ... [Read]

Regular-season game: Blitzing Beasts edge out Fraggles (1 December 2009)

Two big TD runs, a fierce pass rush and a controversial coaching decision helped the Dicey Beasts beat the SimKonville Fragges by the minimum margin. The Beasts' RBs ran for 263 yds and three scores and their defenders registered seven sacks for 49 yds as they came from behind in the fourth quarter to claim victory in this All-Australian matchup. The Beasts opened the score on a 66-yd ... [Read]

Regular-season game: Malfs win thriller at Swoop Dome (3 November 2009)

igorz malfunxionistz were heavily outgained by the Lübeck Bay Seagulls but they scored 20 points off three turnovers which proved decisive in their fourth-quarter comeback win. Taking advantage from a blocked FG attempt and an interception, the Malfs took a 14-0 lead early in the second quarter. But the Seagulls replied with 21 unanswered points taking the lead early in the fourth ... [Read]

Regular-season game: dieselz kick Warriors (2 November 2009)

Their place-kicker converted all of his five field-goal attempts and their RBs ran for 233 yds and their lone TD as zugschefz dieselz beat the Prussian Warriors 24-16 at the Olympic Battlefield. For three quarters, the game was a low-scoring affair as the game was tied at three points a piece before the dieselz stormed ahead 19-9 on their third FG and a 49-yd TD run with 7:36 minutes left to ... [Read]

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