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Kickoff: 24 January 2011 - End of game: 31 March 2011
Ice Bowl I
Ice Bowl I: The Nordics vs The Alpines
Nordics: Moles (offense & kicking), Silentknights (defense & returning)
Alpines: malfunxionistz (offense & kicking), Fraggles (defense & returning)
Virtual venue: Swoop Dome – Referee: Real


Nordics win inaugural QFL all-star game

The Nordics were outgained and had more turnovers and fewer first downs than the Alpines. And yet, they beat the Alpines 41-27 without ever really being in danger of losing the first ever QFL all-star game.

13 points scored off turnovers (compared to none by the Alpines) paved the way for the staffs of MoRe's Moles (offense and kicking units) and silentsound's Silentknights (defense and return units) to clinch victory at the Swoop Dome.

The Moles' running backs ran for a combined 225 yds (7.0 yds per carry) and three TDs. The 'Knights' defenders and special teamers registered two sacks, a fumble recovery and a punt block.

For the Alpines, igorz malfunxionistz' running backs ran for a combined 280 yds (6.5 yds per carry) and two TDs. The SimKonville Fraggles' defenders caught two interceptions, their special teamers registered a punt block.