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TOUCHDOWN BILLYGOATS37-yd touchdown pass (extra point missed) – Warriors 10, billygoats 21 (QTR3, 9:48)

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Kickoff: 3 November 2010 - End of game: 6 January 2011
Season I: Week 6
Season I: Week 6: Prussian Warriors at Lübeck Bay Seagulls
Coaches: Niner (WAR) – Real (SEA)
Virtual venue: Swoop Dome – Referee: frontmode


Warriors clinch no. 1 seed

Their kicker connected on a 37-yd FG 11:24 minutes into overtime as the Prussian Warriors (5-1) beat the Lübeck Bay Seagulls (2-4) 19-16 in the longest game in QFL history.

The Warriors who had already clinched the title in the Gothic Division in the previous week, secured the no. 1 seed in the playoffs and now have a five-game winning streak.

The Seagulls who would have needed a win and a great deal of help from three other teams came back from a 13-point third-quarter deficit to sent the game into overtime.

In the middle of the fourth quarter, a Seagulls' RB finished a 55-yd drive with a 1-yd plunge into the endzone but their kicker missed the extra point. With their final possession, the Seagulls drove 59 yds and scored on a 6-yd run with the final play of regulation. The Seagulls' RBs finished the game with 243 yds on 46 carries.

The Warriors' kicker was a busy man hitting 4-of-7 field goals. Leading 16-9 late in the fourth quarter, he had a 46-yd attempt blocked and he missed another game-clincher from 54 yds out at the end of the first possession in overtime.

The Warriors scored their only touchdown on a 43-yd run to open the score late in the first quarter.

The Gothic champions started their final drive at their own 7-yd line with 8:24 left in overtime. With eleven runs two pass plays, the covered 73 yds before their kicker made the game-winning FG.

In the divisional playoffs, the Warriors will host zugschefz dieselz against whom they suffered their only loss of the season in their season opener.