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TOUCHDOWN BILLYGOATS37-yd touchdown pass (extra point missed) – Warriors 10, billygoats 21 (QTR3, 9:48)

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Kickoff: 19 December 2023 - End of game: 25 March 2024
Season V: Fever Bowl V
Season V: Fever Bowl V: silentsound's Silentknights vs Eagle Eyes
Fever Bowl V Most Valuable Die:
SIL Option Die

Coaches: silentsound (SIL) – the_hawk (EYE)
Virtual venue: Snakepit Arena – Referee: frontmode


Cinderella 'Knights upset Eagle Eyes

silentsound's Silentknights are the new QFL World Champions after upsetting the Eagle Eyes 33-11 at Fever Bowl V, completing a true Cinderella story.

The 'Knights (4-3) had lost all of their first three games of the season, including a 33-23 loss to the Eagle Eyes at home in week 2, and needed multiple help from other teams to win the Northern Division and book their trip to the Fever Bowl.

The Eagle Eyes (5-2) were the only team to finish the regular season above .500, including a sweep against defending World Champions Jetto Basterds, and were favorites to win the Bill Walsh Trophy.

After three rather mediocre seasons followed by their first playoff appearance last season, the 'Knights' development climaxed in winning the grandest prize in the world of Football Fever™.

The 'Knights QB was far from stellar completing only 8-of-17 for 81 yds and a pair of TDs and INTs. But their RBs totaled a Fever-Bowl record 255 yds and 2 TDs with 43 carries.

Fever Bowl MVD: the Silentknights' Option DieObviously, the 'Knights Option Die was especially helpful with those achievements as it yielded 189 All-Purpose Yards and scored 2 TDs with 52 throws. Accordingly, it was named "Most Valuable Die" (MVD) after the game.

Defensively, the 'Knights Pass Defense Die excelled with 2 INTs,
9 pass deflections, 1 Sack and 7 tackles-for-loss.

The Eagle Eyes struggled heavily on both sides of the ball and lost their second Fever Bowl in the third season of their existence. At Fever Bowl III, they had been shutout by duffeldoffel's Reds.

Their QB completed 10-of-24 for 125 yds and 2 INTs and finished the game with a poor rating of 23.8. Their RBs ran for only 88 yds with 34 carries and had a fumble.

Defensively, the Eagle Eyes totaled 2 INTs, a sack and 6 tackles-for-loss but each of their three defense dice allowed over 5 yds per play on average.

The 'Knights finished their first possession with a 13-yd TD pass and doubled their lead on a 5-yd TD pass early in the second quarter, capitalizing from an interception. Thanks to a 44-yd field goal, the 'Knights took a 17-0 lead into the locker room.

The Eagle Eyes did have chances to get back into the game as they missed a 45-yd field-goal attempt when trailing by 14 and a 60-yarder at the end of the first half.

Their best opportunity, however, came late in the third quarter. Off of an interception, the Eagle Eyes drove 56 yds to the 'Knights 5 for a first-and-goal.

With the next three plays, they reached the 1 and chose to go for it on fourth down. A terrific stop for no gain all but ended the Eagle Eyes' hopes to for a comeback.

In the fourth quarter, the 'Knights extended their lead on a 37-yd FG and a 2-yd TD run after the Eagle Eyes had failed to convert a 4th-and-3 from their own 44.

The Eagle Eyes seemed well on their way to their second shutout loss in as many Fever-Bowl appearances but with a 91-yd kickoff return followed by a successful two-point conversion, they finally opened their scoring account with less than five minutes to play.

Following a fumble on a punt return, the 'Knights scored again on a 50-yd romp from their option die. In total, they scored 13 points off of three turnovers.

In the dying seconds of the game, the Eagle Eyes scored on a 30-yd FG to go double-digits at the very least.