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Fever Bowl V

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Fever Bowl V: 'Knights are QFL World Champions

QFL - 49ers FanZone Football Fever League silentsound's Silentknights are QFL World Champions after comprehensively defeating the Eagle Eyes 33-11 at Fever Bowl V.

The 'Knights dominated their opponents in pretty much all areas and throughout the game to complete their Cinderella story as the first team to win the Bill Walsh Trophy after starting the season 0-3.

They scored on a pair of TD passes for 13 and 5 yds early in the first and second quarter as well as on 2-yd run in the fourth. Furthermore, they connected on FG attempts from 44 and 37 yds out.

Top seed Eagle Eyes never really got anything going on either side of the ball. They did have a chance to get back into the game when trailing by 17 in the third quarter but they couldn't find the end zone with four tries inside the 'Knights 5.

Their only scores came late in the fourth quarter when they scored on a 91-yd Kickoff Return followed by a TPC and on a 30-yd FG when they had already fallen behind hopelessly.

Fever Bowl V: silentsound's Silentknights 33, Eagle Eyes 11 (Final)