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Week 5
Live! – QTR4, 13:12

Week 5
Live! – QTR4, 14:24

silentsound's Silentknights

Season IV about to kickoff (7 May 2018)

The fourth season of the world's most important league of Football Feverô is about to kickoff after the conclusion of the third seasonal QFL Owners Meeting.

In Season IV, the coaches of seven traditional franchises plus two expansions will try to succeed the retired duffeldoffel as new QFL World Champion.

While five teams have not come back from Season III, two expansion franchises were confirmed during the Owners Meeting as the QFL welcomes the Jetto Basterds and owl49er's billygoats who will be facing each other in the season opener.

With the Dicey Beasts, frontmodes Kobras, the Prussian Warriors and silentsound's Silentknights, four charter members have remained amongst the clubs vying for the most coveted trophy the game has to offer.

The field of entrants is completed by the Flash 80s, Niners Sparrows and the Eagle Eyes who, as Fever Bowl runner-up, may be considered slight favorites to go all the way.

Reigning QFL World Champions duffeldoffel's Reds and igorz malfunxionistz are among the teams that have dropped out which means that both of the two QFL executives will not be coaching this season.

Four rule changes have been passed by the Committee of QFL Owners with the most profound change certainly being the introduction of a new pass-play call, the "screen". With the "screen", the option die is the only offensive die thrown, similar to the "draw".

Other rule changes call for the "offside draw" be limited to short-yardage situations, sacks be effective against the "draw" and the possibility to run down the final two minutes of a half with three kneel-downs.

Week 1:
Eagle Eyes 27, Niners Sparrows 30 (Final)
Dicey Beasts 20, silentsound's Silentknights 26 (Final)
Jetto Basterds 27, owl49er's billygoats 23 (Final)
Flash 80s 25, Prussian Warriors 17 (Final)
Bye: frontmodes Kobras

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