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silentsound's Silentknights

QFL announce Fever Bowl and Ice Bowl venues (17 August 2017)

The QFL have announced that this season's QFL championship game, the third edition of the all famous Fever Bowl, will be held at the "there he gore's dome" while the league's all-star game will be played at the breakdown dome.

Kai, owner of the expansion Flash 80s, will be hosting and refereeing the clash between the AFC and NFC conference champions. Kai reliably refereed six regular-season games and fell just short of a playoff berth with his own franchise.

Fever Bowl III will mark the second time that the biggest stage of Football Fever™ will be set at a domed virtual stadium. Two seasons ago, duffeldoffel's Reds beat zugschefz dieselz at the breakdown dome to win the inaugural QFL world championship.

While back-to-back Fever Bowl champions duffeldoffel's Reds have to fight off the challenge from the Lübeck Bay Seagulls in the NFC championship game, the Leinfelden Lawyers and the Eagle Eyes are vying for a Fever Bowl berth in the AFC title game.

Ice Bowl III, the QFL all-star game, is about to be refereed and hosted by QFL commissioner igor whose own franchise, igorz malfunxionistz, finished the season dead last in the AFC. Their breakdown dome is the first virtual stadium to host both a Fever Bowl and an Ice Bowl.

Trying to break the tie in the series will be TheBeast (Dicey Beasts) and silentsound (silentsound's Silentknights) for the AFC's Alpines as well as Kai (Flash 80s) and Niner (Prussian Warriors) for the NFC's Nordics. Niner and silentsound are no Ice Bowl rookies as they both featured for the Nordics in the first and second edition, respectively.

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