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Live QFL scores

Week 5
Live! – QTR4, 13:12

Week 5
Live! – QTR4, 14:24

silentsound's Silentknights

QFL publish schedule for Season III (4 March 2014)

While Fever Bowl II is still under way with duffeldoffel's Reds likely to successfully defend their title, the schedule for next season has already been published by the QFL:

Week 1
duffeldoffel's Reds at Dicey Beasts
Prussian Warriors at igorz malfunxionistz
frontmodes Kobras at Eagle Eyes
Moderate Drinkers at silentsound's Silentknights
Lübeck Bay Seagulls at Leinfelden Lawyers
Flash 80s at Niners Sparrows

Week 2
silentsound's Silentknights at duffeldoffel's Reds
Leinfelden Lawyers at Prussian Warriors
Niners Sparrows at frontmodes Kobras
Dicey Beasts at Moderate Drinkers
igorz malfunxionistz at Lübeck Bay Seagulls
Eagle Eyes at Flash 80s

Week 3
Dicey Beasts at silentsound's Silentknights
Eagle Eyes at Leinfelden Lawyers
igorz malfunxionistz at Niners Sparrows
Moderate Drinkers at duffeldoffel's Reds
Flash 80s at Prussian Warriors
Lübeck Bay Seagulls at frontmodes Kobras

Week 4
silentsound's Silentknights at igorz malfunxionistz
Dicey Beasts at Eagle Eyes
Niners Sparrows at Leinfelden Lawyers
frontmodes Kobras at Prussian Warriors
duffeldoffel's Reds at Lübeck Bay Seagulls
Moderate Drinkers at Flash 80s

Week 5
Leinfelden Lawyers at Dicey Beasts
Eagle Eyes at igorz malfunxionistz
silentsound's Silentknights at Niners Sparrows
duffeldoffel's Reds at frontmodes Kobras
Prussian Warriors at Moderate Drinkers
Flash 80s at Lübeck Bay Seagulls

Week 6
igorz malfunxionistz at Dicey Beasts
Niners Sparrows at Eagle Eyes
Leinfelden Lawyers at silentsound's Silentknights
Prussian Warriors at duffeldoffel's Reds
Lübeck Bay Seagulls at Moderate Drinkers
frontmodes Kobras at Flash 80s

Divisional playoff games
AFC: wild-card team at divisional champion #2
NFC: wild-card team at divisional champion #2

Conference championship games
AFC: winner DPO at divisional champion #1
NFC: winner DPO at divisional champion #1

Fever Bowl III
AFC champion vs NFC champion

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