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TOUCHDOWN WARRIORS94-yd touchdown run (extra point) – billygoats 25, Warriors 17 (QTR3, 2:48)

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Week 7
Live! – QTR1, 8:24

Week 7
Live! – QTR3, 2:00

Week 7
Live! – QTR3, 10:36

Week 7
Live! – QTR1, 8:12

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Season IV about to kickoff (7 May 2018)

The fourth season of the world's most important league of Football Feverô is about to kickoff after the conclusion of the third seasonal QFL Owners Meeting. In Season IV, the coaches of seven traditional franchises plus two expansions will try to succeed the retired duffeldoffel as new QFL World Champion. While five teams have not come back from Season III, two expansion franchises ... [Read]

QFL announce Fever Bowl and Ice Bowl venues (17 August 2017)

The QFL have announced that this season's QFL championship game, the third edition of the all famous Fever Bowl, will be held at the "there he gore's dome" while the league's all-star game will be played at the breakdown dome. Kai, owner of the expansion Flash 80s, will be hosting and refereeing the clash between the AFC and NFC conference champions. Kai reliably ... [Read]

AFC playoff scenarios (2 March 2016)

As all of the six AFC teams have completed week 5, the playoff scenarios going into their regular-season finales have been established. While two clubs have booked their firm places in the postseason, the remaing four will be battling for the wild card with one of them in need of a miracle. Leinfelden Lawyers (AFC South, 4-1) Their regular-season finale: The Lawyers have clinched ... [Read]

QFL No-Foot-Ball Cup I is under way (2 March 2015)

The QFL have relaunched their QFL Cup Series with the premier edition of the No-Foot-Ball Cup for which all kicking plays have been abolished. Among the teams trying to take the QFL cup away from current holders duffeldoffel's Reds are two independent teams stepping onto the QFL gridiron for the first time ever: The Jetto Basterds and owl49er's billygoats. The quarterfinal ... [Read]

Season recap: Cheers to the Reds, dieselz and... Drinkers! (26 March 2014)

QFL season II kicked off on 30 July 2011 and officially ended on 6 March 2014 with duffeldoffel's Reds successfully defending their QFL World Championship thus becoming the first wild-card team to win the QFL Fever Bowl. The Ice Bowl ended 19 days later than the Fever Bowl thus marking the de-facto end of Season II after almost 32 months of intense Football Feverô action, about 10 months ... [Read]
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Team profile | news | schedule | seasonal stats | game stats | head-to-head | team records