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Week 6
Live! – QTR4, 13:12

Week 6
Live! – QTR3, 14:36

Week 6
Red-zone alert
Live! – QTR4, 6:00

Week 6


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QFL reschedules four more games (13 August 2018)

The QFL have announced another round of rescheduling, accommodating teams that have already finished their season openers. The clash between owl49er's billygoats and the Flash 80s has been moved up from week 3 to week 2 and is about to kickoff shortly. In return, the Flash 80s road game against the Dicey Beasts has been postponed from week 2 to week 3. With this move, the Beasts bye week ... [Read]

QFL switch week 2 and week 6 (12 July 2018)

The QFL have switched the matchups of week 2 and week 6. With this change in scheduling, frontmodes Kobras who have had their bye week on the opening gameday will get their season opener under way at the earliest possible occasion. The Kobras will be facing the Jetto Basterds whose own season opener is about to be finished ... [Read]

Season IV about to kickoff (7 May 2018)

The fourth season of the world's most important league of Football Fever™ is about to kickoff after the conclusion of the third seasonal QFL Owners Meeting. In Season IV, the coaches of seven traditional franchises plus two expansions will try to succeed the retired duffeldoffel as new QFL World Champion. While five teams have not come back from Season III, two expansion franchises ... [Read]

Reds' coach duffeldoffel not to return for Season IV (8 February 2018)

duffeldoffel, three-time Fever Bowl champion with duffeldoffel's Reds, will be taking a sabbatical next season but may return for Season V. The QFL's winningest coach made the announcement after his team's 20-0 win against the Eagle Eyes at Fever Bowl III: "Before the game, I informed the commissioner about my decision which would not be influenced by the outcome of the Fever Bowl. Of ... [Read]

Fever Bowl: Three-peat: defense wins championship for the Reds (8 February 2018)

NFC champions duffeldoffel's Reds beat AFC champions Eagle Eyes 20-0 at Fever Bowl III to complete a perfect 8-0 season and clinch an unprecedented third straight QFL world championship. The Reds were carried by a stellar defensive performance as the league's no. 1 defensive unit not only registered the first shutout in QFL postseason history but also set Fever Bowl records allowing only 144 ... [Read]

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