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TOUCHDOWN SPARROWS13-yd touchdown run (extra point) – Sparrows 7, Eagle Eyes 0 (QTR1, 12:36)

Live QFL scores

Week 3
Live! – QTR1, 10:36

Week 3
Live! – QTR1, 8:48

Week 3
Live! – QTR1, 14:12

QFL Football Fever - where the big dice play...

Season V is under way

QFL - 49ers FanZone Football Fever League Defending QFL champions Jetto Basterds (2-0) started their title defense with two consecutive wins as they steamrolled over their opposition in the fourth quarter of a 52-21 win over Niners Sparrows (0-2).

The Eagle Eyes (2-0) showed they are prepared to bounce back from their previous subpar season as they beat silentsound's Silentknights 33-23 to stay tied for first place in the South.

frontmodes Kobras (2-0) held on to a 24-17 win as they beat the Prussian Warriors (0-2) for the first time in franchise history to go into week 3 with a two-game lead in the North.

Week 2:
frontmodes Kobras 24, Prussian Warriors 17 (Final)
Jetto Basterds 52, Niners Sparrows 21 (Final)
Eagle Eyes 33, silentsound's Silentknights 23 (Final)

Week 3:
Niners Sparrows 7, Eagle Eyes 0 (QTR1, 8:48)
silentsound's Silentknights 0, Prussian Warriors 0 (QTR1, 14:12)
Jetto Basterds 0, frontmodes Kobras 0 (QTR1, 10:36)