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Week 7
Live! – QTR4, 5:48

Week 7
Live! – QTR4, 12:00

Week 7

Week 7

QFL Football Fever - where the big dice play...

Playoff race: 'Knights beat the odds

QFL - 49ers FanZone Football Fever League Underdogs silentsound's Silentknights have booked their first ever trip to the QFL playoffs. They were the last active charter member who had not played a playoff game.

The 'Knights did their job against frontmodes Kobras and then received the help required from owl49er's billygoats beating the Prussian Warriors.

The Warriors can still hold out hopes, however, they need help from both the Flash 80s (against Niners Sparrows) and the Dicey Beasts (against the Eagle Eyes) to win the remaining spot at the expense of the Sparrows.

Week 7:
Niners Sparrows 17, Flash 80s 23 (QTR4, 5:48)
silentsound's Silentknights 37, frontmodes Kobras 17 (Final)
owl49er's billygoats 35, Prussian Warriors 25 (Final)
Dicey Beasts 14, Eagle Eyes 17 (QTR4, 12:00)
Bye: Jetto Basterds

Playoff scenarios updated (24 April 2021)

With two regular-season finales played and the other two still under way, it's time to take a closer look at the new situation. The following teams have already booked their spots: Flash 80s, Jetto Basterds, silentsound's Silentknights. Still hopeful are: Niners Sparrows, Prussian Warriors. The 80s have clinched the #1 seed and will host the wild-card team: either the 'Knights or the ... [Read]