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Live QFL scores

Week 4
Live! – QTR4, 1:00

Week 4
Live! – QTR1, 1:48

Week 4
Live! – QTR2, 10:48

QFL Football Fever - where the big dice play...

Kobras beat Sparrows - Week 4 under way

QFL - 49ers FanZone Football Fever League frontmodes Kobras (1-1) got their first W of the season, beating Niners Sparrows (2-1) 16-7 in a rather unspectacular affair.

Under way for quite some time is week 4 with the Jetto Basterds (3-0) and the Dicey Beasts (0-2) struggling the get any points on the board at the Green Dungeon. With a win, the Basterds would clinch their division.

Also eyeing to prematurely clinch their division are the Flash 80s (3-0) hosting Kobras while owl49er's billygoats (0-2) hope to keep their playoff hopes alive with a win over the visiting Sparrows

Week 4:
Jetto Basterds 14, Dicey Beasts 7 (QTR4, 1:00)
Niners Sparrows 3, owl49er's billygoats 3 (QTR1, 1:48)
frontmodes Kobras 21, Flash 80s 0 (QTR2, 10:48)
Bye: Eagle Eyes, silentsound's Silentknights, Prussian Warriors