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Dicey BeastsEagle EyesFlash 80sfrontmodes KobrasJetto BasterdsNiners Sparrowsowl49er's billygoatsPrussian Warriorssilentsound's Silentknights

TOUCHDOWN WARRIORS94-yd touchdown run (extra point) – billygoats 25, Warriors 17 (QTR3, 2:48)

Live QFL scores

Week 7
Live! – QTR1, 8:24

Week 7
Live! – QTR3, 2:00

Week 7
Live! – QTR3, 10:36

Week 7
Live! – QTR1, 8:12

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Playoff race wide open

QFL - 49ers FanZone Football Fever League The race for the remaining two playoff spots is wide open as silentsound's Silentknights seem poised to take advantage of the Prussian Warriors struggling.

While the 'Knights lead frontmodes Kobras by a TD at halftime, the Warriors are traling owl49er's billygoats by a TD with TPC late in the third quarter.

The other two games are still in their early stages but may very well both turn out decisive at the end of the day.

Week 7:
Niners Sparrows 0, Flash 80s 0 (QTR1, 8:12)
silentsound's Silentknights 24, frontmodes Kobras 17 (QTR3, 10:36)
owl49er's billygoats 25, Prussian Warriors 17 (QTR3, 2:00)
Dicey Beasts 7, Eagle Eyes 3 (QTR1, 8:24)
Bye: Jetto Basterds

Playoff scenarios: 2 out of 3 (21 March 2021)

Prior to the regular-season finales, three teams are still in the hunt for two playoff spots up for grabs. While Niners Sparrows and the Prussian Warriors control their own destinies as frontrunners for the remaining playoff spots, the silentsound's Silentknights remain in the hunt, hoping to capitalize from a loss of one of the former two. The Flash 80s and the Jetto Basterds have already ... [Read]